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  • Hydra Sand Multi Head Sanding Disc

The Hydra Sand attachment utilizes six x 125mm (5 inch) pads mounted to a thick steel plate and will mount on to any rotary sander.  The six sanding pads provide maximum sanding performance and longer runs between abrasive changes. Pads are adhered to firm red foam, which allows for increased stock removal and a superior levelling ability.  The added weight of the heavy gauge steel adds considerable strength and durability and provides for faster removal of material from the floor. Added strength and performance is provide by the rugged assembly, which included steel encased bearings.  The raised shaft of the bearing allows for quick and easy pad removal. An isolator/dampener provides superior user handling and reduces machine and operator motions from being transferred to the floor, this This helps to prevent gouging on uneven floor surfaces.

Not only is the Hyda Sand compatible with American Sanders rotary sanders, it will also fit on any other standard rotary sander.


·         15% more effective than leading competitive units.

·         Large air slots allow for premium dust collection.

·         Isolator/dampener provides superior unit handling.

·         Backer pads provide smoother sanding, but may be removed to increase aggressiveness.

·         Strong, six-bolt clutch plate construction transfers torque without the use of plastic gear assemblies.

Hydra Sand Multi Head Sanding Disc

  • Brand: American Sanders
  • Product Code: Hydra Sand Multi Head Sanding Disc
  • Availability: In Stock

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